(Last update: 06-27-2016)
Paul B. Schroeder
Email: paulbsch "at" haywired "dot" net
Phone: 612-547-6384

I am interested in finding a development and/or DevOps position involving Linux and/or open source technologies. A position located in/near downtown Austin, or telecommuting, would be ideal.

Technical Skills:
Much of my career has been spent developing/creating custom, Linux Standard Base (LSB) compliant Linux distros.
I have a strong background in systems administration and development. I am very familiar with rapid system development using scripting languages (Python, Perl, PHP). Java and C++ add to my object-oriented skills.
I am well versed in developing web based, database information systems with Perl, Python, PHP, Java/JDBC/J2EE.

Languages: Python, shell, Ruby, Perl, PHP, Java, Javascript, C, C++, Tcl/Tk, awk, SQL, SGML, XML, HTML
Software/Technologies: Apache, Websphere, J2EE, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS-SQL, CVS, subversion, git, perforce, jira, Jenkins, sendmail/postfix (SMTP), spamassassin, clamav, DNS, NIS, NFS, IMAP (dovecot, cyrus), POP3, DHCP, LDAP, tftpd, PGP/GPG, VMware GSX/ESX servers, Xen, KVM, docker, LXC/LXD, Vagrant, python-virtualenv, make, autoconf/automake, expect, ncurses, gdb, kdb, glib, gnet, QT, pygtk, pthreads, libpcap, mtrace, gprof, kismet, wireshark, tcpdump, ejabberd (XMPP), sleekxmpp, JSON, Flask, Django, Authorize.net, koji, mock, pungi, revisor, anaconda, OpenStack, RDO, packstack, puppet, facter, hiera, r10k, reaktor, SendGrid, celery, SQLAlchemy, AWS: EC2, EBS, S3, SMS, Route 53, Hadoop, Mesos, Marathon, Chronos

Work Experience:
Senior HPC Software/Applications Engineer, Nimbix; Austin/Dallas, TX (Nov '15 - Present)
- Development, build, devops of the Jarvice high performance computing (HPC) cloud platform.
- Continuous integration/deployment (CICD) using Jenkins.
- Extensive use of linux containers (LXC) within the Jarvice cloud platform.
- Python development of Jarvice software and shell scripting.
- Cross compiling/building Jarvice as a part of platform enablement.
- HPC application configuration/deployment on the Jarvice cloud platform.

Senior Systems/DevOps Engineer, Yodle; Austin, TX (May '15 - Oct '15)
- Migration to, and deployment of, Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology stack using Linux, Foreman, puppet, VMware vSphere. Platform services use Docker, Mesos, Marathon, Chronos.
- Monitoring of PaaS stack with SolarWinds and PagerDuty.
- Creation and execution of scripts to perform needed system functions.
- Participating in on-call rotation and servicing incoming tickets.
- Creating/updating puppet classes and managing/updating third party puppet modules.
- Creating/maintaining system wide apt repositories with aptly.
- Administration of Ubuntu and CentOS systems.
- Additional user administration using winbind and Active Directory.

Senior Software/DevOps Engineer, Draker; Austin, TX (Nov '13 - Apr '15)
- Developed python, Flask/WSGI, AWS/cloud based web applications which used SQLAlchemy and PostgreSQL with a RESTful API using JSON data.
- Created a "Live" ARM Linux distro for Wandboard based hardware.
- Administration of Debian ARM Linux nodes in the field.

Senior Software Engineer, Virtual Bridges; Austin, TX (Jan '10 - Oct '13)
- Chief architect, designer, developer of LEAF and VERDEOS Linux distros.
- Installed/configured koji in KVM virtual machines for building distros.
- Makefile/kickstart/mock scripting/configuration for building RPMs, ISO images, update packages, PXE boot packages.
- Integrated VERDE client components into LEAF "Live" Desktop distro.
- Continuous updating/backporting of distro components (kernel, X server, drivers, etc.) from newer Fedora releases.
- Patched/customized dracut, plymouth, other Fedora packages for LEAF.
- Developed python/pygtk GUI installer which installs LEAF to internal or external drives/USB sticks.
- Wrote several python/pygtk GUIs for LEAF config, setup, support, gathering system hardware info, logs, etc.
- Gnome and other GUI customization/configuration for LEAF.
- Wrote custom rc startup scripts with bash shell.
- Created original LEAF based on Ubuntu "Live", it's now Fedora 14 based.
- Dev of CentOS 6 based VERDEOS distro integrating VERDE server pieces.
- Customized/patched anaconda installer for VERDEOS.
- Developed RPM packaging for Django web applications.
- Developed RedHat RDO/packstack distro which configures OpenStack and Django web app out-of-the-box.
- Wrote scripts to automate RPM/ISO builds and deployments.

Senior Software Engineer, Blue Coat Systems; Austin, TX (Apr '08 - Apr '10)
- Designed, developed, hardened Blue Coat Open Platform for Applications (BCOPA) -- CentOS 5 based Linux distro for virtual and hardware appliances running Blue Coat management applications.
- Integrated existing Blue Coat products/applications into BCOPA.
- Designed and developed the common application layer used by the products/applications. The app layer was XMPP/XML/json based and written in python. Developed deep understanding of XMPP, ejabberd, sleekxmpp.
- Wrote python unittest code for testing system components.
- Designed/developed koji/mock based build system. Patched koji and wrote python expect script to auto-sign RPMs.
- Makefile, bash scripting, mock configuration for RPM build system. ISO generation with custom anaconda/revisor.
- Automated scripts for development/test installation of BCOPA into Kernel-based Virtual Machines (KVM) via libvirt.

Senior Software Engineer, Freescale; Austin, TX (Jan '08 - Apr '08)
- Team developed/supported global software release/distribution process.
- Developed process to automate the download, build, debug, installation and support of open source software packages.
- Automated system for Red Hat Enterprise Linux installs and upgrades.
- Perl, Tcl/Tk, shell, and kickstart scripting and RPM packaging.
- Wrote python scripts to automate the insertion of software usage metrics into Oracle and MySQL database systems.

Senior Linux Developer, Uplogix, Inc.; Austin, TX (Jun '06 - Dec '07)
- Lead architect/developer of Fedora based, embedded distro for Envoy network management/monitoring appliance.
- Customized distro build environment/scripts, make files, RPM spec files.
- Customized anaconda system installer for the Envoy hardware platform.
- Kickstart and shell scripting to customize and automate system installations.
- Customized Fedora RPMs for distro. Created RPMs for JRE, Envoy app, etc.
- Shell scripting, with bash, of the various custom Envoy commands.
- Linux kernel/device driver development. Maintainer of the Moschip 7840 USB-serial driver.
- Java application coding. Much of which was for OS integration.

Senior Software Engineer, High End Systems; Austin, TX (Nov '05 - Apr '06)
- C++ development of large lighting control application using the QT library.
- Worked on revamping the print system for the application using QT APIs.
- Ported threadx/windows client/server C++ application to embedded Linux.
- Build system development with autoconf, automake, libtool.

Senior Software Engineer, Sensoria Corp.; San Diego, CA (Feb '05 - Nov '05)
- Embedded Linux development for mesh wireless ad hoc networks.
- Client/server development in C using glib and gnet on arm-linux/sh4-linux.
- Extensive use of GNU tools for debugging, tracing, profiling, cross-compiling.
- Use of kismet, wireshark, tcpdump for wirless network sniffing and analysis.
- Shell scripting and extensive use of Perl for test automation.
- C++ dev on Defense Against Cyberattack on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks project.

Staff Software Engineer, IBM Corporation; Austin, TX (Jul '98 - Feb '05)
*** Worked in IBM's Linux Technology Center (LTC).
- Worked developing special purpose Linux distros.
- Worked extensively in patent/IPL review processes.
- Wrote C/ncurses test suite for RS485 serial protocol and device driver.
- Worked as team lead of the network I/O and device driver team.
- Contributed to Linux-ATM, evaluated/tested/recommended third-party ATM solutions for LTCs carrier Linux project.
- Configured/administrated Cisco IOS ethernet/ATM routers/switches for ATM testing.
- Developed/maintained Mwave modem Linux driver and application software.
*** Worked on Linux based server appliances.
- Developed/patented ARPfind method/software to dynamically assign IP addresses to headless servers using libpcap.
- Maintained and configured the Linux kernel used by the appliances.
- Developed Perl scripts and J2EE Java servlets (JSP) to configure server network settings.
- Produced Makefiles and RPM SPEC files for the build architecture.
*** Prototyped "Managed Linux Clients".
- Developed/demoed remotely booted/managed Linux clients and management tools.
*** Component owner of JavaOS System Database (JSD).
- Developed web based, glimpse JOS source code index and search utility.

Web Applications Developer, SmithBucklin; Chicago, IL (May '95 - May '98)
- Designed/developed mailer/MTA system incorporating web tools for database administration.
- Interacted with clients to develop PHP and Perl web apps and Java applets.
- Installed/managed sendmail and other apps, wrote Perl helper scripts, etc.
- Developed Java/JDBC/J2EE billing system which tracked data in a RDBMS.

Systems Administrator/Webmaster, St. Joseph's College; (Sep '94 - May '98)
- Consulted/contracted with the school to revamp the Unix based network.
- Set up and administered DNS, NFS, sendmail, IMAP, etc.
- Designed/built dynamic web site with team of student admins using Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL.
- System administration of the Unix (SunOS, Solaris, Linux) network.
- Developed, admined, supported web based teacher evaluation software.

University of Texas at Austin Degree: Master of Science in Engineering
Graduation Date: Dec 2002 Discipline: Computer Engineering
GPA: 3.2 / 4.0 Specialization: Software Engineering

Saint Joseph's College Degree: Bachelor of Science (May 1998)
Major GPA: 3.9 / 4.0 Major: Computer Science
Cumulative GPA: 3.4 / 4.0 Minor: Mathematics